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    So easy to use

    User friendly control layout and easy to learn, complete training materials provided. With its user friendliness in the system design, it makes QNE to become the best accounting software in Malaysia.


    SQL client/server friendly.

    Designed for business running in networking environment. QNE offers faster speed, higher stability and larger volume of data handlings, ensure your data keep properly.


    Provides business solutions suit to your business the most.

    QNE is not only an accounting tools, it provides you with analytic tools such as cashflow status, forecast, profit estimator, stock break-even point, stock with no movement and etc useful tools to assist your business grow. With its powerful analytic tool, it makes QNE to become the top accounting software in Malaysia.


    Provides a built-in business operation control.

    QNE provides you with control mechanism that are crucial for your business operations. Some of such mechanism in QNE includes selling price control, purchase requisition control, compulsory entry of sales person/ project/ location/ cheque no. in transaction, credit limit and etc to ensure your business run smoothly.


    Our seasoned management and technically skilled support group assists your business grow.

    We are here ready to serve you.