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  • Facts About QNE

    real time

    Real-time Processing

    QNE modules are fully integrated. When you update the information in the system, all other related area will be instantly updated.



    Typical accounting systems are based on file-based systems that move the entire data over the network. However, QNE is based on client-server that only sent. SQL queries to the server, thus, heavy data processing over the network will be much faster.

    data size

    Data Size Handling

    With SQL client/server database, QNE handles much higher data limit compare to file based systems


    Database Recovery

    In a file-based system environment, should the client’s computer, network or server failed during data updating process, the entire database may be easily corrupted. However this is unlikely for QNE when an UPS is installed in the dedicated server.


    Scheduled Backup

    QNE allows users to perform scheduled backup at a specified time without having the on-line user to exit from the system.


    Report Writer

    Built-in powerful report writer that enable users to customize their reports as desired.

    audit trail

    Export As External File Format

    You can export QNE reports as other file format e.g. Text, Word, Excel, Lotus, Quattro pro, PDF, JPG, BMP, HTML, XHTML etc.


    On-line Help

    User information guide is available on-line, where you just need to click on the on-line help button and then click on the field which you want to query.

    audit trail

    User Audit Trails

    Enable tracking for previous activities and actions done on the system by individual users. (e.g. what information they have amended in the particular invoice etc.)


    Graphs Analysis



    Intelligence SQL Queries Wizard