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      QNE Accounting Software

      QNE Accounting Software is the most user-friendly accounting system in Malaysia, it designed specially to meet business requirement locally, with its powerful features, it makes QNE to become the best accounting software in Malaysia.

      QNE Accounting Software is a real-time proven software with SQL Client/Server databases, with option to run the accounting software in Cloud. QnE is the leading malaysia accounting software provider to provide the latest cloud computing technology in Malaysia, QNE is also the number 1 Malaysia cloud accounting solutions and SQL windows accounting software provider. it develops software according to International Accounting Laws and Practices. And it design to different packages to meet every business needs.

      QNE is not only an accounting tools, it provides you with analytic tools such as cashflow status, forecast, profit estimator, stock break-even point, stock with no movement and etc useful tools to assist your business grow. With its powerful analytic tool, it makes QNE to become the top malaysia accounting software.

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      QNE Inventory Software

      QNE Inventory Software is designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME).

      With QNE Inventory user-friendly interface and functions, users able to manage their inventory easily like create invoice, invoice management, stock balance management, goods management, goods category management, staff sales records management and staff permission management, backup and restore stock and etc.

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      QNE Payroll Software

      QNE Payroll is extremely user-friendly & intelligent interface makes it the most valuefor-money product. It is a realtime & developed sincerely for MALAYSIA payroll environment.

      The features-riched Payroll offer you over 75 management and statutory reports sufficiently cater for management, payroll, accounts as well as statutory requirements.

      If you really looking for payroll software, this is the one you can’t miss!

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    Modules Comparison

    General & Reporting module_inventory module_standard module_professional module_enterprise module_premier
    General Ledger  
    Account Receivables  
    Account Payable  
    Terms Control Checking    
    Reset Monthly No.
    Report Writer (Business Doc)
    Report Writer (All Report)      
    Credit Limit Control Checking    
    Multi Project
    Multi Company

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    real time

    Real-time Processing

    QNE modules are fully integrated. When you update the information in the system, all other related area will be instantly updated.



    Typical accounting systems are based on file-based systems that move the entire data over the network. However, QNE is based on client-server that only sent. SQL queries to the server, thus, heavy data processing over the network will be much faster.

    data size

    Data Size Handling

    With SQL client/server database, QnE handles much higher data limit compare to file based systems


    Database Recovery

    In a file-based system environment, should the client’s computer, network or server failed during data updating process, the entire database may be easily corrupted. However this is unlikely for QNE when an UPS is installed in the dedicated server.


    Scheduled Backup

    QNE allows users to perform scheduled backup at a specified time without having the on-line user to exit from the system.

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    serviceguaranteeWe understand your business needs; hence we always ready here to support you.

    We believe that with our proficient people, we able to provide you the best service to you.

    The following services are provided to you to ensure your business run smoothly.

    1. Consultation
    2. Installation
    3. Training
    4. Forms Customization
    5. Recovery of Database
    6. On-site Troubleshooting
    7. Software Upgrading
    8. Fixing of Bugs

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